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The next generation of Doctor Blade

Our products are the result of high-tech manufacturing processes in complex workflows, controlled by experienced personnel. All products are tailor-made solutions and thus the answer to individual customer needs. Our modern machines set standards, guarantee excellent results and quality at the highest level.


The Emerald Doctor Blade


The Emerald Doctor Blade is a premium solution for very demanding and precise applications in the printing market. The Emerald doctor blade is rigid, durable and resistant to heat and abrasive chemicals.

Emerald is the premium doctor blade solution that is highly appreciated by printers, painters and manufacturers specializing in everyday use.

The Rotoswiss Emerald doctor blade is specially designed for high temperatures, abrasive inks, coatings and other chemicals. It is a premium solution because it is extremely wear resistant and maintains its shape and tolerances in the most demanding applications.


UHMW Doctor Blade Onyx of Rotoswiss


The Rotoswiss UHMW Onyx doctor blade is the right choice for corrugated board printers with moderate graphics, which require longer blade life.

The Rotoswiss doctor blade has a unique UHMW composition with very high density for longer blade life and better graphics. In addition, the UHMW ONYX black doctor blade is a direct replacement as a doctor blade that counteracts and can increase the efficiency of the machine while retaining all the advantages of the traditional doctor blade in UHMW.


Rotoswiss Opal Polyester Doctor Blade


The Rotoswiss polyester doctor blade is a robust and durable doctor blade that replaces steel and reduces anilox etching and reduces backlash in closed chamber systems.

The flexibility and longevity of the polyester doctor blade material is at the heart of its success. The choice of polyester doctor blades on steel is not only an intelligent method, but also an economical one. It improves safety and significantly reduces environmental impact.

Request a sample of the Rotoswiss Polyester Closure Racla today and try this durable doctor blade in your ink chamber.

The original ultra-high molecular POLYETHYLENE DOCTOR BLADE

The white Pearl polyethylene doctor blade by Rotoswiss


Our original UHMW doctor blade provides a dense molecular structure ideal for applications that combine long runs, coarse engravings and abrasive coatings or colors.

The soft, thick material of the UHMW doctor blade is safe to handle and extremely abrasion resistant, giving it superior durability. Although the UHMW doctor blade was originally developed for corrugated applications, the Pearl UHMW white doctor blade has also had great success in other markets due to its wear resistance, superior durability and safety features, such as special laminations and special applications; envelope printing and kraft paper printing.

Try our Pearl white doctor blade and convince yourself of the quality of the Rotoswiss doctor blade!


Doctor Blade Topaz by Rotoswiss


Rotoswiss stands for innovation, like our NEW polyester doctor blade Topaz. This doctor blade was developed in our SWISS Innovation Lab and exceeds conventional steel doctor blades in almost all categories.

This doctor blade was developed in our SWISS Innovation Lab and exceeds the classic steel doctor blade in almost all categories. It is characterised by a longer service life, greater precision, a significant reduction in anilox wear, greater safety and much more.

Once upon a time, steel doctor blades were the only option for providing the fine, uniform contact surface required for the effective delivery of high-dose anilox lines.

With the next generation of an advanced laminated polymer material, we have a safe alternative. A polyester doctor blade that can easily compete with steel.



The Turmalin Glass Fibre Doctor Blade by Rotoswiss


Rotoswiss and the new glass fibre doctor blade are synonymous with innovation and continuous research into new materials and markets. The NEW Turmalin glass fibre doctor blade represents a generation of spatulas specifically designed for high temperatures and long operating times.

These doctor doctor blades can withstand temperatures above 300° C. All doctor blades are developed in our SWISS Innovation Lab.

At that time, steel doctor blades were the only way to provide the fine and uniform contact surface required to effectively dose high anilox lines.

Thanks to the new generation of an advanced material, it is a safe alternative doctor blade that can easily compete with steel.

The high molecular POLietilen DOCTOR BLADE

Combi-Tec doctor blade Quartz

COMBI-TEC new detail x

Our new Combi-Tec doctor blade Quartz is a is made from a special extrusion of high molecular polietilen for very difficult printing jobs.

High-Tec Endseals


With our High-Tec Endseals we close ther circle to supply our costumers with the complete range of consumables.

For the following printing machines: W&H, Bobst, Fischer-Krecke, Tresu, Uteco, Comexi, Gallus, All Stein, PCMC, KBA, Soma Optima, Expert.

More precision = more efficiency

Rotoswiss offers solutions for individual needs. Decades of experience in the selection of our raw materials, regular exchanges with our customers, daily quality controls. We know what you are looking for.

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Markets where we are present

Today, competitiveness is one of the decisive factors for success and failure. With optimally coordinated products, processes and services, we can achieve higher quality, productivity and profitability for our customers and partners. Our technologies and products not only offer high quality and economic efficiency, but are also used in various markets. At first glance inconspicuous, but indispensable.

Below you can find out more about the markets in which we are present.


Packaging printing

We are suppliers to the packaging printing industry and it would be difficult to imagine the industry without us.


Flexographic printing

Rotoswiss is an important partner and solution provider for all flexographic printing topics.


Cardboard printing

Our doctor blades improve process optimization in carton printing. We are a qualified service partner.


Label printing

Based on our solutions and experience, we have a trusted partnership with the label printing industry.


Batteries production

For years, we have combined high-quality manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art battery technology.


Paint Industry

Reliable products from Switzerland, perfectly in line with the paint industry, are the benchmark for the competition.



Rotoswiss is a trusted partner for sustainable and innovative solutions in the coatings industry.


Paper and aluminium foil industry

In addition to its attractive design, the paper and aluminium foil industry attaches great importance to sustainability. Our products are very convincing.


2019 Exhibitions

Also this year we are present at the main international fairs for the finishing and processing of paper, films and foils. You will find us from from 24 to 27 September at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, the international trade fair for labelling, product labelling and printing.

Will you be in Brussels?

Simply send us your name and e-mail adress. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you.